Speaker's Bio

Tilek is a Project Lead at X, Alphabet's innovation lab formerly called Google[x], the team behind self-driving cars, self-flying delivery vehicles, energy kites and balloon-powered Internet. At X he leads product management for geospatial software and data platform used for X moonshots such as Project Loon as well as multiple teams at Google.

Previously Tilek worked as a Business Product Manager building Internet products for developing countries in such domains as free or affordable Internet access, education, social networking and communication.

Before starting his career at Google as a Search Quality expert for Russian language market in 2007 Tilek worked as CS teacher and freelance software engineer in Kyrgyzstan, where he was born, raised and went to college to study Software Engineering.

A lot of his work, including evening and weekend projects, at Google was inspired by his Central Asian background - he was the initiator and a critical part in launching Google Street View in Kyrgyzstan, Google Translate in Kyrgyz and Kazakh languages, local Google Developer Groups, Google Elections for Kyrgyzstan, infrastructure solutions for faster YouTube and interface localization for Central Asian languages for most Google’s products.